Alaska Airlines Pilot Hat Badge 2nd Issue

Seattle, WA 1932-Current

Alaska Airlines originated in 1932 as McGee Airways. After many mergers with and acquisitions of other airlines, including Star Air Service. In 1937 Star Air Service purchased Alaska Interior Airlines and was incorporated as Star Air Lines. Star was again sold later that year. In 1941, Star Air Service was purchased by Raymond Marshall, a businessman from New York. In 1942, the airline purchased three other airlines in Alaska, Lavery Air Service, Mirow Air Service, and Pollack Flying Service. That year, the airline's name was changed to Alaska Star Airlines. The name Alaska Airlines was adopted on May 2, 1944. The airline acquired Cordova and Alaska Coastal in 1968. Also in 1985, the Alaska Air Group was formed as a holding company for Alaska Airlines. In 1986 Alaska Air Group acquired regional airline Horizon Air, which remained a separate brand from Alaska Airlines; since then, both airlines have been subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group. In 1987, Alaska Airlines purchased Jet America Airlines.



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